Wildcat Roar: When Mountain Lions Live Under the House

When we take away wild places for wild animals, those animals find ways of showing up in our backyard. Because it was their backyard first … When that animal is a predator, all hell breaks loose, suburban-wild style. The anti-predator myth is exemplified by this week’s hysterical reaction to a mountain lion under a houseContinue reading “Wildcat Roar: When Mountain Lions Live Under the House”

November Song Dogs

November reminds me of my final autumn days as a resident of Yosemite National Park. I had come to the park at the age of eighteen, looking for something I had not yet found within myself. Many stragglers had come to work in the forest for that very reason—lost, fallen, or beginning, we were allContinue reading “November Song Dogs”

On Being Left Alone, Outdoors

When I don’t get enough solitude, I grit my teeth over simple things. My creativity becomes a stagnant, shallow creek. Real solitude, the kind I need, is quiet, alone with my dog in nature. People ask me if I get lonely—but the truth is, loneliness is seeking solitude and not finding it. This morning, a friendContinue reading “On Being Left Alone, Outdoors”

Coexisting with Coyotes

Coyotes roam the Northern California landscape as naturally as the curving arms of oak trees and shimmering light of golden grasses. Animals are the environment, the land is our home, and no matter where I rest my head, I dream of this homeland. Its skin, scattered with abandoned Quonset huts, fading into fields with salted,Continue reading “Coexisting with Coyotes”