November Song Dogs

November reminds me of my final autumn days as a resident of Yosemite National Park. I had come to the park at the age of eighteen, looking for something I had not yet found within myself. Many stragglers had come to work in the forest for that very reason—lost, fallen, or beginning, we were allContinue reading “November Song Dogs”

On Being Left Alone, Outdoors

When I don’t get enough solitude, I grit my teeth over simple things. My creativity becomes a stagnant, shallow creek. Real solitude, the kind I need, is quiet, alone with my dog in nature. People ask me if I get lonely—but the truth is, loneliness is seeking solitude and not finding it. This morning, a friendContinue reading “On Being Left Alone, Outdoors”

Coexisting with Coyotes

Coyotes roam the Northern California landscape as naturally as the curving arms of oak trees and shimmering light of golden grasses. Animals are the environment, the land is our home, and no matter where I rest my head, I dream of this homeland. Its skin, scattered with abandoned Quonset huts, fading into fields with salted,Continue reading “Coexisting with Coyotes”

Reckless Killing Contests Continue

This is the contest that started it all–the outrage, and the push to ban killing contests in California. And this weekend, February 6-8, the town of Adin, in the rural northeast corner of California, will hold its annual coyote killing spree, the “Big Valley Coyote Drive,” despite the 2014 ban on prizes for killing furbearingContinue reading “Reckless Killing Contests Continue”

Federal Protection Returned to Endangered Gray Wolves in Wyoming

It isn’t often we get good news for wolves, but a court decision on September 23, 2014 made that day’s news cycle very good indeed. Gray wolves in Wyoming will once again be protected, as they deserve, under the Endangered Species Act: their safety no longer vulnerable to shoot-on-sight anti-wolf policies. Two years ago, asContinue reading “Federal Protection Returned to Endangered Gray Wolves in Wyoming”

Huckleberry Wolf Pack Gets Death Sentence

The conflict between private ranchers and taxpayer-funded wildlife management agencies and endangered wildlife is coming to a head this weekend, and it may mean the heads of up to four wild wolves in eastern Washington. The state’s Dept. of Fish & Wildlife has given the green-light, totally under the radar (ie, secretly) and without publicContinue reading “Huckleberry Wolf Pack Gets Death Sentence”