Conservation Disaster: Coyote Killing Contests in Wolf Country

This weekend, a coyote killing contest — that is, a contest to see which human can kill the most coyotes — will be held on public lands in Lake County, Oregon — wilderness areas (national forest and BLM land) that the public pays for, including those people who happen to love wilderness and wildlife. Over aContinue reading “Conservation Disaster: Coyote Killing Contests in Wolf Country”


Harambe: Captivity is the Real Reason Behind the Gorilla’s Death

The unjust death of a charismatic male king named Harambe has gripped our nation’s attention (like Cecil the Lion last year). A four year old boy entered the only home Harambe, a mountain gorilla, has ever known, and to protect the child, Harambe was shot and killed. As we reflect on our relationships to wildlife, our argumentsContinue reading “Harambe: Captivity is the Real Reason Behind the Gorilla’s Death”

Wildcat Roar: When Mountain Lions Live Under the House

When we take away wild places for wild animals, those animals find ways of showing up in our backyard. Because it was their backyard first … When that animal is a predator, all hell breaks loose, suburban-wild style. The anti-predator myth is exemplified by this week’s hysterical reaction to a mountain lion under a houseContinue reading “Wildcat Roar: When Mountain Lions Live Under the House”

Coexisting with Coyotes

Coyotes roam the Northern California landscape as naturally as the curving arms of oak trees and shimmering light of golden grasses. Animals are the environment, the land is our home, and no matter where I rest my head, I dream of this homeland. Its skin, scattered with abandoned Quonset huts, fading into fields with salted,Continue reading “Coexisting with Coyotes”