An Incredible Wolf Named Journey Becomes a Grandfather Against All Odds

Wolf advocates don’t often get to celebrate good news. But this week we do. First, we learned a litter of wolf pups were born this spring in Lassen National Forest. Then, we learned wolf pups were also caught on a trail cam in Oregon. Both litters are related to OR-7, the famous wolf known as Journey.Continue reading “An Incredible Wolf Named Journey Becomes a Grandfather Against All Odds”

Grizzly End for Endangered Bears in Montana

  Today is the last day to hunt black bears near Missoula, Montana. But it’s not just black bears who have been “harvested.” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are investigating the death of a male grizzly who was killed in the Johnson Creek drainage by a hunter on May 16th, north of Bonner. Grizzly bears,Continue reading “Grizzly End for Endangered Bears in Montana”

The sweet sound of song dogs

In Sonoma County, California a warm summer twilight can feel like magic. In rolling golden hills, set softly against a coastal valley, the light shimmers through the grasses with what can only be described as sweetness. Everyone feels it, and people wander outside without quite knowing why, just to feel that gentle electricity in theContinue reading “The sweet sound of song dogs”

License to Kill: Mountain Lions and Values in a Disappearing Wild

This week we thought it was sure death for P-45, a four year old male mountain lion who many conservationists see as a Hail-Mary pass for the threatened ecosystems and limited gene pool of lions in the Santa Monica mountains — who face possible extinction in the near future. So why is this virile andContinue reading “License to Kill: Mountain Lions and Values in a Disappearing Wild”

Conservation Disaster: Coyote Killing Contests in Wolf Country

This weekend, a coyote killing contest — that is, a contest to see which human can kill the most coyotes — will be held on public lands in Lake County, Oregon — wilderness areas (national forest and BLM land) that the public pays for, including those people who happen to love wilderness and wildlife. Over aContinue reading “Conservation Disaster: Coyote Killing Contests in Wolf Country”

Hope, Hate and Anarchy after the Election

  Hope is so scarce these days – yet it is the only thing that can save and redeem us – for it determines what we do with the love in our hearts The following was written on Wednesday, November 9th, after learning the results of the presidential election, and Republican control of the House,Continue reading “Hope, Hate and Anarchy after the Election”

Harambe: Captivity is the Real Reason Behind the Gorilla’s Death

The unjust death of a charismatic male king named Harambe has gripped our nation’s attention (like Cecil the Lion last year). A four year old boy entered the only home Harambe, a mountain gorilla, has ever known, and to protect the child, Harambe was shot and killed. As we reflect on our relationships to wildlife, our argumentsContinue reading “Harambe: Captivity is the Real Reason Behind the Gorilla’s Death”

An Intolerant Mind: Why Tolerance Threatens Coexistence

When we coexist with wolves, we create an empathic relation in which the other’s needs are valued as our own. We see that through trophic cascade, wolves make healthy ecosystems and cleaner rivers and purer air for our children. When we tolerate wolves, on the other hand, we see our needs uncomfortably subjugated to a perceivedContinue reading “An Intolerant Mind: Why Tolerance Threatens Coexistence”

The Heart of Freedom – Cecil the Lion

The killing of Cecil the lion has outraged the public and not simply because he suffered needlessly for days. Why has he reached our hearts when so many other animals are hunted & poached? Why is everyone – from animal advocates to hunters to talk show hosts to the New York Times and the Guardian – so horrified by this brutalContinue reading “The Heart of Freedom – Cecil the Lion”

Wildcat Roar: When Mountain Lions Live Under the House

When we take away wild places for wild animals, those animals find ways of showing up in our backyard. Because it was their backyard first … When that animal is a predator, all hell breaks loose, suburban-wild style. The anti-predator myth is exemplified by this week’s hysterical reaction to a mountain lion under a houseContinue reading “Wildcat Roar: When Mountain Lions Live Under the House”